Friday, January 30, 2009


I was just inspired by a dear friend of mine to start a food, here I am. After seeing all of my ridiculous pictures and realizing how truly crazy I am about the things I eat, he finally approached me about my quirky obsession.

A little background on me: I am Chinese, Italian, Thai, Irish, and Cherokee. I put them in that order because the first three place extreme importance on cuisine and EATING in general. The last two ethnicities are not so much focused on pleasing their stomachs. I think their addition to my genetic make-up may balance things out and keep me from being a glutton. :)

My other passion, (besides food), is TRAVEL! Therefore, I LOVE the opportunity to try new food while I am jet-setting...the best of both! I have been to Thailand, China, France, Spain, Canada, and so many different places in the U.S., but I have yet to satiate my desire to keep going and keep TASTING!!

Luckily, I have found friends who share the "foodie" mindset...they are sometimes the only ones who understand why I research restaurants before dining at them, why I pull out the camera before the server has time to place my meal on the table, how I could spend hours in Whole Foods just reading labels, or why I am a "food snob" to particular edibles that are simply not fashionable to my specific tastes. Just because I won't eat Chicken McNuggets does not make me a "snob". I have nothing against fast food...give me Sonic burger and I will take you up on it! I am just trying to make my case so that all of the Mickey D's fans out there do not tune me out...just give me a chance...

So, there. My first posting. Why anyone would be interested in ME, I find very curious. But here goes nothing...

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  1. Wow! Congratulations on your blog. That was super speedy!! Welcome to the blog world. I have full faith in you. Keep on eating and keep on blogging. Maybe i have shown you this link before, but I can't remember. Here is my friend Leland's blog. He team blogs with is mama about food.