Friday, March 20, 2009

Chocolate Gravy???

This post may come as a shock to some, an intrigue to others, or perhaps just seemingly unappetizing. The idea of chocolate gravy is a curious one that I would guess the majority of people in the world do not entertain. I must admit that I thought it was a crazy concept upon my first introduction. Then, I discovered that cocoa, flour, sugar, butter, and milk are the simple ingredients that comprise this decadent "breakfast" treat.
If you must see it to believe it, below is a picture from my latest experience of chocolate gravy and biscuits. Directions: tear your hot, homemade biscuit; place it into a shallow bowl; ladle enough warm, thick chocolate to drown the biscuit in rich sweetness; enjoy every mouthful of the buttery biscuit drenched in gooey cocoa. It may not be the "Breakfast of Champions", but it will certainly make your morning a happy one!

I always call this dish "Maw Maw's Chocolate and Biscuits" because of my best friend, Elizabeth. We have been great companions since freshman year of high school, and she is the first person who ever mentioned this southern breakfast food to me. Her grandmother, Maw Maw, is the beloved cook of the chocolate gravy. Every time I have eaten breakfast with Maw Maw, (which has been many times now), I have enjoyed her chocolate and biscuits. It is a decadent treat that I do not have the opportunity to eat often and that is always thoroughly enjoyed by all!
Maw Maw grew up on a farm in Tennessee on which her family grew their own wheat to make flour, ground corn for cornmeal, milked cows and churned butter, raised livestock, and worked their land in order to provide a means of living. Therefore, meals were hearty and heavy to provide energy for all the laborious work that had to be done. Breakfasts including chocolate gravy were a frequent occurence for her growing up. It seems so indulgent in a time when we have desk jobs and have to make time to "work out". Then, it was just a method of getting the calories necessary for daily activities on the farm.
This unique, delicious meal is so special to me mostly because Maw Maw and Elizabeth are so very special to my life! I have now shared the chocolate and biscuit experience with other wonderful friends and family throughout the years. This most recent breakfast was with Maw Maw, Elizabeth, and my sister as a farewell for my sister and me...we are traveling to Thailand next week for a month-long adventure! It was such an enjoyable morning that faded into afternoon much to quickly! I absolutely cherish the times I get to spend with people I love like these three women, so the fellowship just added to the sweetness!

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