Tuesday, February 1, 2011


There has coincidentally been an "Elizabeth" present in various stages throughout my life...My college roommate, my "Big Sister" in my sorority, our pastor's wife at our home church in Montana (where Jordan also happens to work)...

However, there is one Elizabeth who has stood the test of time and holds a slightly unique place in my heart.

Some may know her as Elizabeth Anne Yarbrough Nunnally.
I know her as a fellow, card-holding foodie.
I know her as the girl who will NEVER pass up a hot chocolate chip cookie.
I know her as someone I have traveled, worried, grown, shared, cried, laughed, and EATEN with for nearly 12 years of my life!
I know her as the girl who introduced me to chocolate gravy & biscuits...I'm forever indebted...
But most importantly, I know her as my BEST FRIEND.

Eliz and her husband, Josh, came out to Missoula this past September as one stop of many on a road trip out West together. I know that they had an amazing time on their adventure, and we LOVED having them here in Zootown! They drove into town on a Sunday afternoon - the last leg of their long trip from Denver. I decided on the perfect place for a welcoming meal...Caffe Dolce for BRUNCH!!

Dolce's Prosciutto Parmesan Egg Sandwich:
Fried egg, Prosciutto, Caramelized onion, Parmesan cheese, & salsa on a baguette

Simple sandwiches = perfect accompaniment for welcome hugs
and excited catch-up conversation

"Elizabeth Yarbrough, How do you do?"
That is a quote from my dear mother that we have a little inside joke about. But I thought it was appropriate for the picture above. She looks like she's been caught in the act...
...The act of eating Big Dipper for the first of THREE times during her THREE DAY stay in Missoula!!
This expression is classic - Elizabeth gets pretty enthusiastic about food. Especially ice cream.

After talking to Josh and Elizabeth, I got the impression that they wanted to experience some "Montana" specific things. I came to the conclusion that one cannot come to Big Sky Country without a taste of some sort of large game animal. This brought us to JAMES BAR downtown where they offer small sliders allowing you to sample meats such as elk and bison.

James Bar Montanan bison burger: juicy & flavorful
House salad with pumpkin seeds and pickled onions

An afternoon off of work allowed me to take Elizabeth to a place I knew she would fall in love with. The boys were off happily fly fishing, so us ladies had the chance to bask in the glory of the GOOD FOOD STORE.
Here, Elizabeth is grinding her own fresh almond butter.
Enough said.

I don't know if this has been publicized yet, but the pizza at BIGA has addictive qualities that cannot be explained. And quite frankly, I need no explanation. I just need pizza.

"BIGA Antipasto Plate"
If you ask me, there is nothing in me that is "anti" any of this!!
Meats: Salami, Soprasata, Pepperoni, Prosciutto de Parma
Cheeses: Provolone, Reggiano, Fresh mozzerella
Roasted red peppers, Pepperoncini, Olives, Hot cherry peppers, Fresh basil, Pears, Focaccia

How did we end up here again?
Alien abduction, I tell you.
Or maybe we just needed a pint of out-of-this-world (pun intended) Big Dipper Vanilla Reese's ice cream for our dessert on our visitors' LAST NIGHT with us.
Vanilla Reese's ice cream + Warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies

In honor of my best friend...this is her favorite dessert of all time!
It is actually befitting of her personality - warm, comforting, sweet, not frilly or uptight, to the point & honest, and always there for you.

However, my sweet tooth can be satiated.
I'll never get enough Elizabeth.
Love you friend!

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