Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here's the scoop...

This past weekend, we had a friend from Tennessee come stay with us in Missoula. He was in town to lead a marriage seminar and to speak at our church. We were thrilled to find that he would be here for a few days, so we jumped at the opportunity to invite him to be our house guest. Sunday night Jordan and I discussed holding him hostage and not letting him return to Nashville. However, we decided not to be selfish. And we figured that his family would eventually miss him and we would be found out. Plans thwarted!!

David has a PhD in counseling and is just one of those people who exudes wisdom and intellect. I could ask him questions and listen to him speak for hours on end! David teaches classes through a seminary and has his own practice in Nashville, TN. Also, he was our premarital counselor...which gives me a boost of confidence in the future of my marriage to Jordan :)

Saturday night, David returned to our house after facilitating a marriage seminar all afternoon then having a dinner/meeting with a couple from our church. Not to mention, there were FOUR services coming up on Sunday for which he needed to prepare. I figured the remainder of his night would be spent writing out key points or reading notes. However, Jordan and I mentioned that we might go to get ice cream. So instead of getting out his notebook, David automatically went to grab his jacket. Our bond strengthened a little in this moment.

Standing outside in the chilly Montana air...in a line of about 25 people...at 9:00 pm...for ICE CREAM!! It just goes to show the influence food is capable of having in our daily lives! How much longer will this MEMORY last than if we had stayed in and watched a t.v. show? How much more FUN was the evening? How much more did we LAUGH that Saturday night? How much more enjoyable CONVERSATION was made?

Genuinely enjoyable times, such as this one, build upon relationships that become even more special. These times might also make your ice cream taste even sweeter...

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